Analects 6.9

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The Ji Family offered Min Ziqian the position of steward of the Ji Family fortress at Bi.

Min Ziqian said [to the messenger bringing this news], “Please courteously decline the offer for me. If they ask for me again, you can find me beyond the banks of the Wen River.”

Confucius, & Slingerland, E. (2003). Analects: With selections from traditional commentaries. Hackett Publishing.

he Ji family wanted to appoint Min Ziqian as steward of Bi. Min Ziqian said, Can someone kindly refuse this offer for me? If they continue to press me, I will have to retire to the banks of the Wen River.

Confucius, & Watson, B. (2007). The Analects of Confucius. Columbia University Press.

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