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Welcome to Confucius.Page! Ever wonder what Confucianism is? Is there an afterlife according to Confucius? What did Confucius say about the purpose of life? What do Confucians believe in? Is Confucianism a religion or a way of seeing the world or even a way of life? I don’t think those questions can be easily answered but if you want to try, I hope you will find this website a great place to find out.

This website hopes to facilitate learning about Confucius and his teachings. Here you will find: a character by character transliteration with comparisons between various translations in ‘Texts and Translations,’ a place to facilitate peer-to-peer assistance and discussion in ‘Discussion Forum,’ as well some collated resources and other materials located in the ‘Resources’ section of the website.

Please note that this website is run and hosted by a student who does not purport to mastery over any of the content exposited here. I would therefore ask for your forgiveness and patience for any possible errors and mistakes present. If you would like to contribute to any of the content, please use either the Discussion Forum or the Contact page.

Statue of Confucius

Analects Benevolence Benevolent Culture Death Father Filial Food Friends Gentleman Good Goodness Government Heaven Humane Humaneness Joy Learning Lord Mourning Music Office Official People Petty man Position Respect Rites Ritual Ruler Sacrifice Scholar Speak Speech State Study Trustworthy Understand Upright Virtue Way Wisdom Wise Words Worthy